F A Q s

Q:  What is the warranty on an IMPACT Fire Table?

A:  The Impact Fire Table Company warrants this Impact Fire Table (the “Product”) to be free from defects in material and workmanship for up to one (1) year from the date of purchase.  This warranty is limited to the exclusions, limitations and conditions outlined in the full warranty which is on the last page of the Owners Manual supplied with each unit we ship.  Read the full warranty on the last page of the Owners Manual.  Standard boilerplate stuff......

Q:  Why is an IMPACT Fire Table so easy to use!?!

A:  Well, the product designer spent several years in the pellet stove business back in the 1980s and early 1990s, and still has dreams about customer service calls from those early days of developing a new industry / product.  So, from the beginning, IMPACT Fire Tables were intentionally designed with no bells and no whistles.  Overall, we provide the user with a product which is easy to operate and with no parts to fail from being outdoors in the elements.

Q:  Will the table top of my IMPACT Fire Table get hot if the fire burns for a long time?

A:  No.  By design.  Even if you operate your IMPACT Fire Table on high for several hours, you will still be able to place your hand on the table, set your drinks and food on it, etc.  The exterior stainless steel fire box is separated from the inner stainless steel fire pan (the pan which holds the burner and lava stone) by an air space, and there is also an airspace between the table top and the elevated firebox. 

Q:  How soon will my IMPACT Fire Table ship after I order it?

A:  Although we can usually ship within 3 or 4 days from order date, we sometimes get a rush on orders which can extend the shipping time up to 3 weeks.  If the shipping time is extended when you purchase your IMPACT Fire Table, we will let you know of the approximate ship date. 

Q:  Is there any assembly required when I receive my IMPACT Fire Table?

A:  There are 3 simple steps for assembly:  1: remove your fire table from its pallet by removing the bolts with the tool (provided) and lifting it on to the ground (takes 2 people).  2:  install the leveling feet (provided) in the bottom of each leg.  Set in place on your patio, deck or garden and adjust feet to level your fire table (NOTE: Optional Caster Wheels can be installed in place of your leveling feet)  3:  cover the top of your IMPACT Fire Table with a couple of towels (for protection as the lava stone is very abrasive!) and pour the lava stone (provided) in to the fire pan, spreading it out evenly within the pan.  Some customers like the lava stone flat, while others mound it up a little above the pan.  The choice is yours.  

Q:  Can I roast marshmallows over my IMPACT Fire Table fire?

A:  Yes!  Gather your family and friends around and have a good time!  If you find your lava rock is getting abused from dropped marshmallows, you can always buy more lava stone!  It is inexpensive and readily available at most any building material store such as Lowes or Home Depot, etc.  (Look in the BBQ parts replacement area of the store).  You can also contact us directly if you want to purchase more lava stone.

Q:  Can I use the colorful fire glass in my IMPACT Fire Table? 

A:  No.  We have designed our product for use with Lava Stone Fire Media only.  Fire glass can cause back pressure in the gas line and overall degrade the performance of your IMPACT Fire Table.  And, in our opinion, our fire table / fire pit looks better without colorful disco glass fire media!